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Der Dichter Liebe

- a lyrical dialogue by Heinrich Heine and Leah Maria Huber based on Robert Schumann 

In "The Poet's Love" Leah Maria Huber, David Kerber and Miriam Reinstadler present a new conception of the poet's love by Heinrich Heine based on Robert Schumann.

The evening is a dialogue of lovers: she speaks, he sings.

The spoken texts are all penned by Leah Maria Huber. Together with David Kerber and Miriam Reinstadler, a piece was created which independently and newly reveals the unmistakable situation to the listener at the suspense of the poet's love, that it is not only the poet's, but - "The poet's love".

Leah Maria Huber

The young writer creates the basis for the female part of the dialogue: "Der Dichter Liebe". All added texts are from her pen.


David Kerber

The young tenor forms the male part of the dialogue: "The poet LIebe". Due to the original version of Schumann's Dichterliebe, this will be the vocal part of the evening. 


Miriam Reinstadler

The young conductor will spread the emotional soundscape of the conversation partners. This will contain both the well-known Schumann compositions as well as new lament blocks.

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