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The poet's love - a bright dream

In "Die Dichterliebe - a light dream." David Kerber and Emre Yavuz guide you through the emotional journey of the protagonist of the Dichterliebe by Robert Schumann.
The red thread that the poet's love leaves free at its end is carried on through compositions from the youthful pen of Robert Schumann in such a way that a wonderfully melancholy situation is revealed. 
Even though the poet Justinus Kerner writes in a key work of this evening: "I have been waiting for a long time: but finally the sashes of the window spread apart and you stand on its white cross, mountain and valley a quiet angel of peace." Evening be: a light dream. 
A work by Schumann, which is very rarely performed, is used here, namely his six early songs. This early work by Schumann, which he created at the age of 17, allows such a congruent conclusion with regard to its connection with the love of the poet that it seems to be the anticipated continuation of it. 
These two masterpieces by Robert Schumann are linked to the profoundly hopeful evening, 
"The love of poets - a light dream".

David Kerber

The young tenor provides the dramaturgical concept for the evening and takes on the role of the protagonist.


Emre Yavuz

The young pianist creates the emotional soundscape that carries the protagonist through the evening. 

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